About Us

About Rose and Shine

Designed with intention, crafted with care.

Hello, my name is Elizabeth. I started Rose and Shine as a way to showcase the jewelry I began designing in the spring of 2020. What started as a passion project and a way to support my mental health has grown into a jewelry brand that represents inclusion, quality, compassion, and delicate details. 

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and have work experience as a small business consultant, coach, and trainer. My desire to start my own brand has happened organically through exploring my passions. I enjoy quiet work in the background and producing beautify, tangible items. My first entrepreneurial quests involved making and selling hand knit and sewn items from a card table when I was a teen. My mother and grandmother passed their passion for art and craft to me and I am grateful to carry on the tradition of producing hand made goods. 

I wanted to create items that are beautiful, spark joy ✨, and provide comfort. Stones, crystals, and minerals have been chosen intuitively by me and crafted into pieces with specific intentions. There are no negative consequences for wearing gemstone without the intention I’ve shared. There is also no pressure to choose a piece and believe in the healing properties. If you just want something because it’s pretty, I fully support you and your aesthetic goals! There are many resources and beliefs tied to healing crystals, I want to empower you to choose what is best for you.